Escort Prices in the Us

The price of escort services varies from one city to another. While the price can be as high as $750 in some cities in the US, you can get the services for as low as $80 or thereabout in some other cities. The charges also differ, depending on the kind of service for which you are hiring the escort. If you are hiring an escort for an hour or hiring them for the entire night, you do not expect to pay the same price. In this write-up, you will learn about the various costs of hiring escorts in some cities in the United States.

Escorts Cost in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities in the United States. If you visit clubs for escorts, you may get their services for $200 or less. But if you decide to patronize escort agencies, you will pay higher; this is because the agencies also charge these girls. In fact, the charge they pay can be as high half of what the girls make. So, hiring an escort through an agency can cost you as high as $250 or more, depending on the escort service you patronize. If you decide to visit escort websites to book an appointment with an escort, you may have to path with as much as $300 for an escort from such websites; some websites can also charge you as much as $500 since the girls will offer you lot of entertainment also. If the escort girl is highly attractive, it can cost you up to $1000. Older and attractive escorts may go for up to $750.

Escorts cost in Salt Lake City

Just like in Las Vegas, the cost of escort in Salt Lake City is determined by where you get the escorts. Freelance escorts or escorts you come across at clubs may cost you about $100 per hour. The amount you pay for their service also depends on if you need the escort for Incall or Outcall services. They may also charge you higher if they are equally providing various additional VIP services. You will have to negotiate with them if you want any of the additional VIP services. Some charge. If the escort is highly attractive and younger, she may cost you up to $250 per hour.

Escort Cost in Los Angeles

The cost of escort girls also varies in Los Angeles, depending on where you get the escort. In some places, you can pay as low as $80 for escort services. The cost can go as high as $120 in some other places. Some other escort agencies can hook you up with girls that will charge you as much as $250 per hour and a higher rate for night service; the longer the service period, the higher you will have to pay. You must know that there is no specific pricing guide on escort services here; each escort agency does what it thinks is best. The cost per hour also increases if the girl is extremely sexy. If you prefer to patronize a massage parlor where you can get massaged and also have sex with the masseur at the end of it all, you can end up paying about $150 for the service.

Escort Cost in Atlanta

In Atlanta, the situation is not so different from what obtains in most American cities. The cost of hiring an escort is mostly determined by the age and looks of the escort. If the escort is as young as 18, for example, she may charge as high as $450 for an hour service. If she is in her 30s, on the other hand, her charges may drop to $150 per hour. Some escorts charge between $60 and $100 for 15 minutes service, while the price can go as high as $300 for one hour. The price you pay depends largely on the escort agency you patronize. Do not forget that the girls pay certain commissions to the escort agencies through which you connect with them.

Escort Cost in NYC

The cost of hiring an escort in New York City depends on the location and the client. The cost also depends on the age and general looks of the girl. In Manhattan, for example, the cost can go for as high as $260 per hour. In Queens, you may have to pay about $220 per hour. In a place like Westchester, the price can be up to $280 per hour or higher. And if you decide to hire escorts in Suffolk County, you can expect to pay up to $300 per hour or higher. Overnight service goes for as high as $1500, and it can last for about 8 hours.

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