How to Tell if an Escort is a Cop

Patronizing escorts is one of the fastest ways to getting sexual satisfaction in a classy way. If your girlfriend is misbehaving or not disposed to please you the way you want, an escort is almost always the best option out. However, escort services are seen as illegal activities in some places, and the law enforcement agencies are on the lookout for men, who try to patronize escorts and arrest them for the illegality. These cops are out to spoil the fun of having an escort spend time with you and take you on a journey to Pleasure Land. They will pretend to be escorts and arrest you once you try to get in the act with them. You cannot walk up to an escort and ask her if she is a cop. Of course, she will not tell you even if she is one; it is called undercover operation for a reason. Since she will not expose herself to be identified as whom she is, it is left for you to find out using some other methods. If you are residing in one of those places where escorts are counted as illegal, and you want to employ the service of an escort at all cost, you will get to learn about one or two tricks here that can help you identify those cops that are pretending as escorts. Continue reading to find out how to detect them.

Make special requests

There are some requests that an escort will oblige; ask a cop pretending to be an escort to grant the same request, and she will turn it down. Do not forget that they are only pretending to be what they are not and there will always be a difference in the way the two of them respond to certain requests in the escort profession. A normal escort is predisposed to virtually anything you want her to do since her watchword is complete client satisfaction. A cop pretending to be an escort has not signed any such “Client is King” agreement with anybody, and she will most probably be unwilling to grant certain requests. This is one of the most potent ways to differentiate between an undercover cop and a real escort.

Once the two of you are alone, you can ask the escort to pose nude for you. If she is a real escort, she will not have any problem with this. She may be willing to go an extra mile and bare more than you requested for; she would want you to see her assets, which can increase her monetary value. As far as the real escort is concerned, it is all about the money, and she is ready to do anything that will make money come. On the other hand, a cop pretending to be an escort will not be disposed to posing nude for you. Never! She would be expecting you to pounce on her with eagerness for sex, enabling her to arrest you. But if you twist things this way, it will automatically give her up.

Another possible way to detect if an escort is an undercover cop is to ask her to shoot porn. How can you do this, get one of your trusted friends to arm himself with a camera or a phone? Give the friend money to give to the escort you are suspecting to be a female cop. Ask the friend to tell the escort that she is being paid to shoot porn. Naturally, an escort will jump at this idea and count that day her lucky day. A cop, on the other hand, will out rightly reject the offer irrespective of how mouth-watering it may seem to be. With this, you can easily pick her out as a cop.

When the two of you are together and alone, you can also ask her to show you her tits. If she is not a cop, she will agree to this without any problem. She may even start negotiating the price before doing it. If she is a cop, however, she will turn down the idea without giving you any good reason why she is turning it down. These are smart ways to find out if the girl posing as an escort is a cop or not. This is not to say that these methods are 100% reliable to differentiate between an undercover cop and a real escort, but they can give you a clue on who is a real escort and who is a cop pretending to be an escort.

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