How Much to Tip an Escort

You may wonder why an escort needs to be tipped again after she had been paid for her service. Well, there is nothing bad in giving your escort a tip after being paid if she had done a real good job while she was with you. It is a sign of appreciation, and you can also get better service from her next time when you give her a tip this time around. While many people may agree about the benefits and importance of tipping your escort after her service expiration with you, rarely does anyone agree as regards how much should be given to the escort. Maybe one or two factor can determine how much you part with as tip for your escort.

Quality of service delivery

Maybe you have expected the usual run-of-the-mill escort service from this particular escort, but you were taken by surprise, and she gave you something better than your expectation. In such a situation, you may decide to give her something extra. To be sincere, whatever you give is a function of your discretion. You can do a mental gauge of the service she has provided and use this as a yardstick to determine how much should be given to her in the form of a tip. Since individuals’ minds work differently from one person to another, the amount given to an escort that has performed similar kind of service will surely differ from one client to another. While some may give her double payment, some may just decide to make it an extra 50% of the actual payment. Some may think the quality of service delivery by the escort only deserves 20% extra; it all depends on the individual client.

How much you have got

Your purse also determines how much you can give the escort as a tip. While some individual would pay $2,000 for an escort, some other clients may not be financially buoyant enough to go beyond escorts charging $500. Your financial state is one of the principal factors that determine how much you can end up giving an escort as a tip. The level of satisfaction may make you double her pay and give her extra $500. And if you are the money bag capable of hiring an escort for $2,000, doubling her pay in the form of the tip means you will part with an extra $2000, conclusively; your financial state goes a long way to determining how much you can affor4d to give as a tip to your escort.

Ask the escort

If you are somewhat confused about how much should be enough as a tip for the escort, you can ask her about it. She had been in the profession for long and she may, therefore, able to tell you what is appropriate as a tip. You do not, however, have to follow what she says; whatever she says is just a suggestion, which you can either decide to follow or ignore. Be that as it may, asking her will remove much mental pressure from you in deciding how much is right for the escort as a tip or how much is not right.

While asking her about how much tip is right, do not make her feel like your reason for giving her tips is to ask for an extra sexual favor. She may decide to give you extra service out of gratitude for the tip, but you should let her use her discretion to decide on what to do after she had received the tip. Escorts think and see things differently. While some escorts may expect you to give them a tip, some other escorts do not care if you give them a tip after the service or not. Though, some escorts have a way of charging something extra when providing their escorts services. You will not be wrong if you do not give such escorts any tip afterward.

Whatever the case may be, never fail to reward her handsomely if you feel she has given you a very good service. It is better to prepare double of the fee when coming to enjoy her services. After paying the base fee, you can now give her about 40% of the base fee as a tip after her services. She will give you good referrals for this, and it will help you have any escort of your liking any time in the future. She will also want to be available for you in the future against all the odds. Also, try not to ever argue over the base price; keeping your mouth shut will earn you her respect.

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